The future of automated Visualization, Pricing, Quantification and Documentation for metal buildings.

AIRBUILDR® is the fastest solution to quote a metal building. Offering ultimate versatility with our cloud-based software. Quickly generate a 3D visualization of the project that can be manipulated and viewed by multiple users. Rapid integration to MBS (Metal Building Software Inc.) enables an engineered model of the building with costs configured automatically in AIRBUILDR®.

The power of AIRBUILDR® lies in its flexibility. This enables the user to tailor their quote for just the metal building, or the full project. With its advanced quantification engine, you can quantify and price the whole project easily and quickly.

Bid submission is simple with AIRBUILDR®. Easily create the ultimate bid package with 3D images, floor plans and elevations included with the quote, all generated seamlessly in AIRBUILDR®. Having all the necessary documentation stored in one place makes managing a project effortless.

Built specifically for the metal building industry, AIRBUILDR® has flexible workflow management, connecting the entire team through every stage of the project. With built in notifications the whole team can quickly know where the project is at and what is next.

AIRBUILDR® is the premier preconstruction technology for the metal building industry. Rapid quoting and simple tools making the whole process simple and easy.

Donovan Group

With 60 years in the construction and manufacturing sector, the Donovan Group has used its experience to create innovative solutions that leverage technology to transform the building industry. The Donovan Group has a history of developing tools to make it easier to design, construct and sell metal buildings.

AIRBUILDR® was born from the need to increase accuracy and speed of the quantification, pricing and visualization of metal buildings. Extensive R&D and testing has been completed to ensure the technology is simple to implement into existing manufacturing and construction processes.

Donovan Group have a proven record of creating industry-shaping innovations, including the award-winning pre-construction home builder software utecture®, a first-of-its-kind cloud-based platform revolutionizing the home building and construction industry.

Donovan Group are also behind DonoBrace®, a patented tension-only bracing system, recognized for its top-tier capacity in its market category. Engineered to simplify and expedite design, engineering and installation processes. 

MBS Integration

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With integration to North America's leading design and engineering software, MBS (Metal Building Software Inc.),

AIRBUILDR® provides 3D visualization and generates the design with little to no need for human interaction.

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AirBuildr - Computer Screen

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times faster than standard engineering methods


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